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New jobs
  • Employment

Deliberately investing in the fields of wood industry, hotel industry and real estate, we want to strengthen our position in the Bosnian-Herzegovinian society and be recognized as drivers of youth employment and development of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We develop economy
  • Regional development

Malak Group Ltd. was created from the need to expand and open markets in South Eastern Europe and in particular in Bosnia and Herzegovina. By investing in new markets and exploiting their underdevelopment and neglected market segments, Malak Group keeps up with global trends, while strengthening the economy of the country in which it invests.

We invest in the future
  • New investments

DSo far, we have invested tens of millions of KM (BAM) in our current projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are proud of the fact that we employ a large number of young people, both in the hotel industry as well as in the wood industry.


Malak Regency Hotel

This unique 5-star hotel is ideal for business travellers and tourists at leisure who seek opportunity to enjoy and relax at green oasis such as Ilidža.

The Path of Luxury in Sarajevo

Malak Regency Hotel

Rooms and apartments
174 rooms and apartments
  • Enjoy modern design and unique cosiness

Contemporary, elegant and classic interior of rooms and apartments at Malak Regency Hotel will satisfy all your needs and desires for comfort. By observing the river or nearby mountains, your senses will also enjoy.

Restaurants and café
Gourmet – Bistro – Café Orient
  • Restaurants of sophisticated and informal ambient, coffee and pastry

Overlooking the green oasis of Ilidža, elegant and relaxed restaurant offers a casual atmosphere. Exquisite team of chefs is responsible for a multitude of luxurious delicacies, which guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Spa & Wellness
Fitness centre and swimming pool
  • Exclusive wellness offer

Blend of mild scents, gentle relaxing music and specific atmosphere of Malak Regency Hotel’s Wellness & Spa centre will awaken all your senses. Sit back and enjoy in the Turkish hamam or Finnish sauna.

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Malak – Real Estate

Unique and new lifestyle - a luxury resort, modern apartments - choose according to your desire and need

Security and high quality of construction

Malak Real Estate

Malak Resort
Luxury resort at Vrelo Bosne
  • A unique lifestyle and comfort

In a peaceful part of the city, and yet so close to the airport, Olympic Mountains and tourist attractions, exquisitely technically equipped, luxurious and spacious villas of superior comfort and design are located.

Residential building - Nedžarići
Modern apartments
  • Unique and modern living space

Our residential building in Sarajevo neighborhood of Nedžarići, is a compound of top quality engineering and construction solutions. Your whole family will be able to enjoy in a peaceful and safe environment.

Residential building - Dobrinja
New lifestyle, intimate atmosphere
  • Choose according to your own need and desire

We have enriched a real estate market with a different approach, devoting to the construction of smaller residential buildings with more intimate atmosphere.


Malak - JANJ wood industry

We produce high-quality and functional wooden, modernly designed furniture.

Tradition since 1901

Malak JANJ wood industry

200 employees
  • Tradition since 1901

Factory owns technology that rounds the entire production cycle, which starts from the log of wood and ends with the final product. Manufacturing plants spread across 25,000 m2 area, including: sawmill, drier of 1400 m3 capacity, processing line, machining department, furniture department, manual department, paint department, glassworks department and packing department.

Quality comes first
  • New and modern technologies

We have technology intended for the production of large series, but also a very flexible, new technology that enables the production of small series or individual products in a short period of time. We export our products, alongside Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania to the markets of Western Europe, Middle East, Egypt and Pakistan.

Modernly designed furniture
  • Wide range of wood products

We produce wide range of products, varying from facade windows, entrance and interior doors, beds, tables and other interior furniture, as well as wood building material, facades, wooden blinds and shutters and numerous other wood products.


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